My name is Lisa Cellini. I am a twenty-year resident of Horsham, a master's prepared public health nurse and a clean water advocate. In addition, I am a small business owner and the mother of three children. 

I am running for Horsham Council because;

  1. Horsham Township residents have a right to clean, safe, drinking water and should not be paying a surcharge on their water bill to clean up the water contaminated by chemicals used on the Willow Grove Naval Air Base. 
  2. Residents who drank public water in Horsham prior to 2016 should have access to free biomedical testing for per-fluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl chemicals in their body so they can work with their health care provider to maintain good health. I believe it is the responsibility of the State and Federal government to pay for this testing and I will work to hold them accountable .
  3. One of the strengths of Horsham Township is our network of preserved open space and walking trails. I believe we should have a more environmentally conscious approach to how we care for and protect our Township land. This includes being a leader in practices such as  recycling and reducing single use plastic and not using harmful herbicides and pesticides. I will make sure park staff are trained in environmentally conscious ways of caring for our public lands.
  4. Horsham Township would benefit from enhancing the arts and culture scene, such as more diverse restaurants, a theater and art and music venues so more people will be interested in living and working and in Horsham. I will work with the zoning board and business community to promote these ideas.
  5. While our Township has thrived in recent years, our leadership has become  insular and stagnant. New ideas, fresh faces and   increased energy will invigorate our community. I believe that maintaining sound fiscal management with an enhanced  vision for our future is the best path to take.  
  6. In the spirit of open government I will strive to establish transparency in the hiring and awarding of contracts as well as the televised broadcasting of Council and board meetings.. 
  7. With belief in equal opportunity for persons of all cultural backgrounds, genders, races and religions, I will work to promote diversity in Township government hiring practices and board appointments.  In lieu of state and federal protections I will also support an anti discriminatory-resolution aimed at protecting people who identify as lesbian, gay, transgender and queer.
  8. It is time to end one party rule in Horsham.
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